Priority® Management Australia is very pleased to announce its successful inclusion as a BlackBerry® Alliance Associate Member with Research In Motion® (RIM)

Priority® Management is a worldwide training organisation with over two million graduates, and have been right here in Australia for more than 25 years. Offering training in time management , project management , sales , customer service , coaching and communication skills we help people get the job done better.

Our “Working Sm@rt” series integrates the underlying principles of Best Practice time, productivity, information and workload management into applications such as Microsoft Outlook , Lotus Notes, GroupWise , paper, and for use with BlackBerry® smartphones.

Effective immediately, we confirm our Working Sm@rt BlackBerry® training for use with BlackBerry® smartphones, has been updated to include a comprehensively revised Learning Guide covering all BlackBerry® Operating Systems, from 4.2 right through to the just released 6.0.

Our Working Sm@rt BlackBerry® graduates have come from many walks of life; from single Individuals, Family Businesses, Companies, Government Departments, right through to Multi-National Corporations; all with a common goal, to “Work Sm@rt” with their BlackBerry® smartphones.

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